Biodiversity of Morocco

The Moroccan biodiversity

Due to its geographical variety (high mountain, desert, dunes, ocean, sea, lakes, gorges, canyons, lagoons...) offering great sceneries Morocco is home of a remarkable biodiversity. With an interesting fauna (altough very much threatened), including a very rich bird life, and a unique flora including many endemic species.
Getting to know this natural heritage is a way to learn how to respect it and protect it. This is one of the objectives of Maroc Ecotourisme web site. Moroccan authorities are very much aware of the the necessity to protect biodiversity and environment and they have implemented ambitious an courageous measures to do so. But in order to succeed it is also necessary to sensibilize both the local population and the tourists to behave in a more responsible manner.

Threats on Moroccan biodiversity - Flora of Morocco

Our selection of places to stay shows people with an interest in nature, local culture, environment protection who can help you to discover and know more about the Moroccan natural and cultural heritage.

"Discover and learn more about Moroccan biodiversity to better protect it"
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